As self-checkout, just-walk-out payment methods, click-and-collect and delivery have become a focal point in retail’s journey toward “frictionless” shopping experiences, traditional strategies and touchpoints for impulse purchases must be reworked, according to “The New Front End: Answering the Challenge of Impulse Conversion,” a report by EDGE Marketing, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

“The concept of impulse can be instigated long before the shopper enters a store or website and cultivated beyond the completed purchase,” according to report. “The foundational secret of achieving the spontaneous buy is to build connection at every stage of the shopper journey. Only through becoming a sort of constant background presence will brands truly be ready for the ‘buy moment,’ when an unplanned purchase is made.”

“The New Front End” lays out a profile of front-end shoppers, shopper mindsets that fuel impulse purchases, the physical and digital spaces that are prime for impulse buys and tactics to engage potential impulse shoppers.

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