Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter

Advantage is committed to creating a workplace where everyone is respected, valued for their uniqueness and has an opportunity to succeed. We are dedicated to nurturing diversity, equity and inclusion across our enterprise by cultivating an environment built on openness, acceptance and safety that encourages individual authenticity.


Building Community Together

We founded our employee resource groups to foster a culture of inclusivity at Advantage. These ERGs offer associates the opportunity to build community, feel valued and visible, grow personally and professionally, and bring their perspective to topics that will spur innovation and build business.

The focus of Black & African-American Network Diversified (BAND) is education, awareness, inclusion and community.

Disabilities in Action is helping to create opportunities and a community that support associates with disabilities and their allies.

The purpose of HOLA! is to attract, retain and empower Latinx associates.

The aim of Inspire is to attract, retain and foster a diverse global community of Asian talent.

Our House is addressing issues related to family responsibilities and work/life well-being.

PRISM supports the Advantage LGBTQIA community and its allies, helping to nurture personal and professional growth.

The Warrior Support Crew is helping to create a workplace that supports the needs of veterans and their families.

The Women’s Interactive Network’s purpose is to engage and empower women and advocate for the advancement of all.

Our People

Why DE&I Is Important To Us

Our associates create a mosaic of diverse identities and perspectives within our organization. Here’s what DE&I at Advantage means to them in their own words.

“Advantage’s ERGs have given me the opportunity to be involved in something I’m passionate about: seeing everyone’s humanity before seeing how we’re different. I’ve grown personally and professionally.”

– Ericka Prentice

“Advantage DE&I provides a unifying platform that celebrates the unique qualities that make us who we are and empowers us to explore our individuality.”

– Jose Elizondo

“As a member of the WIN ERG at Advantage, I’m learning about others every day. It’s so important to value people for who they are. My experiences here have made me a better manager, teammate and ally.”

– Michelle Tonner

“Being part of an Advantage employee resource group is a way of saying, ‘Who I am makes a difference here.’”

– Griffin Parsons

“I feel genuinely invited to be who I am and to do what I know how to do.”

– Blanca Rivero

“Advantage’s DE&I initiatives allow me to bring my authentic self to work. My disability isn’t seen as a weakness, but rather as a positive, one that helps me to generate unique ideas and make an impact on our bottom line.”

– Devin Doughty

“From development to execution, DE&I makes our work stronger and more authentic and helps build connections among our team members and with consumers.”

– Dino de León

Our DE&I Board

The DE&I Board supports Advantage’s efforts to be the consumer products and retail industry’s most diverse, equitable and inclusive provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions.

  • Michael Mish

    Chair, DE&I Board

    President, Integrated Agency Group

  • Ashwani Dhar

    Co-Chair, DE&I Board

    CEO, Adlucent

  • Abigail Cox

    Director of Human Resources

  • Dianne Galang

    VP, New Business Development, Daymon

  • Kim Hsieh

    VP, Strategy & Innovation, Advantage Customer Experience

  • Traci Mangiapane

    VP, Sales and Client Team, Waypoint

  • Kyle Patterson

    SVP, Daymon

  • Giannina Seaman

    Senior Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Corey Wiesner

    Senior Director of Talent Delivery

  • Justin Yancey

    VP, Marketing & Operations Support, SAS Retail Services

  • Andrea Young

    Group President, Omnicommerce Solutions