The way in which manufacturers and marketers respond during the COVID-19 crisis will determine how a brand is perceived in the long term, according to “COVID 19: Goodwill Conversion,” a new report by EDGE Marketing, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

“Some brands, especially those that don’t seem to have a natural fit within global pandemic relief, may be tempted to refrain from addressing the situation altogether,” according to the report. “However, with the continuous shifts in consumers’ lifestyles, wallet and buying behavior, all brands have an opportunity to improve the greater good, or at the least the normalcy, of consumers’ lives.”

“COVID-19: Goodwill Conversion” presents examples of brands that are leveraging their technology, reach and core values to connect with Americans in unique ways, plus a checklist for those seeking to maintain authenticity in their COVID-19 goodwill and philanthropy initiatives.

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