Americans are planning fewer and smaller Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations — and expect to do much more of their grocery shopping online this year, according to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults by SMARTeam, Advantage Sales’ consumer goods insights team.

Sixty-two percent of those surveyed say they plan to celebrate Christmas this year, down from 85% who did last year. Just 54% of adults 55 and older plan to celebrate this year, compared to three-fourths of younger adults.

Holiday hosts are revising their plans accordingly, with 27% of respondents saying they’ll host a Christmas celebration this year, compared to 35% who hosted last year. Of this group, nearly four in 10 expect to host fewer dinners and one-third expect fewer people to attend dinners.

While nearly eight in 10 respondents say they plan to shop at a grocery store for Christmas food and supplies this year, 25% say they’ll be shopping online with home delivery (up from 12% last year) and 14% anticipate shopping online for pick up at the store (up from 5% last year).

Only half of our survey respondents plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, with the great majority (85%) of those expecting to celebrate at home with family.

2020 holiday infographic

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