The global pandemic is rewriting the rule book for consumer food culture and the foodservice industry for the foreseeable future, but sometimes the winds of change bring us to places we never would have explored on our own, had there been no storm to sweep us off our course.

“Charting a Course in the New Food Landscape,” published by Marlin Network, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency, is an atlas of choices and opportunities for foodservice professionals to consider, providing inspiration and direction for navigating a permanently altered landscape of flavor and food trends.

The report explores these important considerations:

• Menu: Familiar or Experimental
• Story: Safety or Luxury
• Staples: Animals or Alternatives
• Source: Home or Restaurant Cooked
• Place: Food Focus or Destination Focus
• Style: Shared or Single Dishes
• Mode: Fuel or Experiential
• Priorities: Healthy or Hedonistic

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