From comfy spring fashion to the latest in gardening, AMP Agency, an Advantage Solutions digital marketing agency, presents consumer trends for brands to explore in its “Spring Search Trends 2023” report.

The report identifies 24 trending topics across eight categories, including fashion, beauty, food and drink, activities, travel, gardening, Easter and Mother’s Day. The data is pulled from Google’s Keyword Planner (U.S. only) and is paired with AMP Agency’s analysis of why these topics will increase in popularity this spring.

Among the report’s findings:

  • The 2000s are back, as parachute pants are the pants of the season.
  • Searches for “Gochujang,” also known as red chili paste, have seen spikes in April for the past three years; in December search volume surpassed the previous high in the past five years.
  • Search volume for “farmers market” saw a large spike in April and May 2022 and that trend is expected to continue.
  • Searches for “Spring Camping” have increased since 2020. With sunsets a little later and travel becoming more expensive, a Spring camping trip has become a travel option for many.
  • Interest in “Companion Planting” is likely to outpace last year, thanks to viral content and widespread interest in gardening, which took off during the pandemic.
  • Despite 2020 showing the largest peak in search volume for “Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas,” January 2023 saw a 42% higher search volume for the phrase than the previous year and 17% more than 2020.
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