Despite the pandemic-fueled surge in online shopping, the vast majority of the country’s primary grocery shoppers do all or most of their shopping in person and they’re visiting more than one retailer to fill their needs, according to “What Brick-and-Mortar Grocery Shoppers Really Want,” based on an Advantage Sales survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults who do at least half of their household’s grocery shopping.

Nearly nine in 10 household shoppers do most or all of their grocery cart filling in person. In-person grocery shoppers say their ideal brick-and-mortar grocery store would be clean, located close to their home, offer everyday low prices, stock a wide variety of products, have an excellent produce department and provide pharmacy and health services.

In this age of unified commerce, where shoppers assess a retail experience by their blended digital and physical experience, chief grocery shoppers who buy in person said they want the same specials offered in stores and online, digital coupons for use in brick-and-mortar locations and in-store product sampling.

“What Brick-and-Mortar Grocery Shoppers Really Want” reveals in-person shopping habits and preferred store traits, including pricing, promotional tactics, assortment, services, use of technology and other characteristics.

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