Two years after the pandemic fueled short-term pantry loading and long-term changes in shopper behavior, brands and retailers are keenly focused on the most efficient and effective ways to keep the right products visible, available and prominent on physical and digital shelves when and where shoppers make their buying decisions.

While consumer packaged goods companies continue to use retail merchandising services for competitive advantage, leveraging advances in the use of data and technology can significantly improve the impact and value of retail services, according to “Transformative Retail Merchandising: Optimizing Results and Return on Investment,” a new report by Advantage Sales.

The report dispels common myths about retail merchandising services and delves into:

  • How highly flexible, highly customized retail services create the most impact and generate the highest return on investment
  • How technology, data and insights can be used to optimize results
  • How brands are measuring the true return on investment in retail services

“The core aspects of best-in-class retail merchandising are well established,” the report notes. “But the use of advanced in-store technology and powerful, data-driven insights will maximize the value of every activity at retail.”

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