MINNEAPOLIS — JLB, an Advantage Solutions retail consulting agency with a 34-year history of helping brands sold at mass retailers, is expanding its capabilities with the launch of Guest Quest, an enhanced consumer research and insights capability.

Guest Quest provides consumer insights that drive meaningful strategies and action for its partners. By blending a deep knowledge of consumers and their motivations with world-class creative capabilities, Guest Quest delivers real-life product, brand and experience solutions that help move businesses forward.

The Guest Quest team answers questions about consumer sentiment and behavior through a wide range of research techniques, including shopper surveys, personal interviews, social listening, product reviews and testing. With access to a proprietary community of thousands of highly engaged consumers, Guest Quest provides thoughtful, high-quality insights that identify new opportunities and influence product attributes, brand development and consumer experience.

“We believe ‘If you can think to ask it, we can answer it,’” said Vicki Shea, vice president of insights and intelligence for JLB. “We uncover what is at the core of our clients’ business questions by listening directly to the consumer. Our foundation and track record were built by understanding the mass merchandiser shopper and now we are applying our resources, experience and knowledge of consumers and the retail experience wherever and however shoppers are making purchase decisions.”

Central to Guest Quest is an innovative consumer research facility called the Guest Room, designed for live interviews, product testing and development, and focus groups, set to open in early 2022.