Advantage Solutions and 84.51°, Kroger’s wholly owned retail data science, insights and media company, have agreed Advantage will be provided access to shopper data, insights and preferred media rates.

“We’re very excited to deepen our current enterprise partnership with Kroger while working closely with 84.51° to offer our Advantage clients industry-leading media strategy, planning and activation, optimizing our direct access to invaluable 84.51° Stratum data and special pricing on retail media through Kroger Precision Marketing,” said Andrea Young, president, customer experience for Advantage Solutions. “With 84.51° Stratum first-party data and insights, we’re able to identify trends at the household, store and basket level and help brands tailor their messaging and spend their marketing dollars more effectively.”

“At a time when grocery shoppers are both returning to stores and continuing to shop online, the role and importance of retail media networks in driving sales and brand metrics is growing exponentially,” said Barbara Connors, vice president, commercial insights for 84.51°. “Providing Advantage the insights and tools they need to serve up a more personalized shopping experience for Kroger customers is a win for the agency, the brand and the shopper.”

Under the agreement, Advantage clients will receive preferred pricing on certain KPM media tactics. “This collaboration is a testament to our close working relationship with 84.51° and their trust in our commitment to always having our clients’ best interests at the heart of all we do,” noted Maria Ponti-Zins, manager of e-commerce strategy for Advantage. “Now, more than ever, our clients’ understanding of Kroger shoppers, purchase behaviors and media campaign performance will be data-driven.”

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