IRVINE, Calif. — In a move that will accelerate trade promotion innovation, Advantage Solutions is investing in and partnering with Eversight, the pioneer in unlocking revenue growth for brands through automated, AI-powered experimentation with shoppers.

The investment and partnership combine Advantage’s industry-leading store-level execution with Eversight’s Offer Innovation Suite to deliver winning promotions that get executed at scale in the field — improving returns through results-oriented trade spending strategies and tactics. Through the partnership with Advantage Solutions, Eversight’s capabilities are now available for use with more than 3,000 consumer packaged goods companies representing over $90 billion in North American consumer sales.

“As a strategic intermediary between brands and retailers, we’re able to help identify and solve their mutual pain points,” said Advantage Solutions CEO Tanya Domier. “We’ve heard from brands who are frustrated by the sales impact and return on their trade promotion investments and have been determined to bring them a remedy. We share the Eversight team’s focus on innovation and know the coupling of our end-to-end implementation of promotions with Eversight’s Offer Innovation Suite will unlock powerful offers that increase household penetration, optimize discount levels, drive volume and boost market share.”

Eversight Co-Founder David Moran added, “Few in the industry are satisfied with traditional approaches to trade promotion. We’re excited to partner with Advantage to test real offers with real shoppers and implement successful promotions on an omnichannel basis — without the yield loss seen today when better offer ideas don’t get fully implemented. Advantage will be instrumental in taking winning ideas from headquarters to shelf, both in-store and online.”

Advantage and Eversight are beginning to roll out their transformational approach with selected retailers and brands, focusing on categories most in need of fresh promotional thinking, with the goal to scale the solution industrywide by the end of 2022.

“Trade promotion optimization has long been a holy grail opportunity in consumer packaged goods,” noted Dan Riff, Advantage Solutions chief investor relations and strategy officer. “The vast pool of trade spending is deployed by habit and custom rather than science. Coming out of COVID-19, with a significant need for higher pricing and more surgical promotions, our clients are ready for a new solution. Building on Advantage’s long history of high-ROI innovations, this partnership can provide that.”

About Eversight

Eversight is the recognized leader in AI-powered pricing and promotions. Global brands and retailers rely on the Eversight platform to optimize pricing in response to market conditions and to deliver higher ROI on promotional spend. Eversight’s Pricing Suite and Offer Innovation Suite solutions are driving strong margin and sales volume improvements for leading companies such as Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Raley’s and Schnucks. Founded in 2013, Eversight is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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