In-store sampling drives brand loyalty and reinvigorates sales of established brands, according to a study by the Advantage Customer Experience team.

In-store sampling attracts new buyers who make repeat purchases, according to results of a test of a new model that measures sampling’s impact outlined in “Proof Positive: Sampling Brings Long-Term Value.”

“Today’s marketing budgets require more productivity, efficiency and effectiveness,” Sherif Fahmy, senior vice president, business arts at IN Connected Marketing, said. “Marketers want to do more with less, so it’s critical for us as their partners to have new measurement models that foster experimentation and ensure they will be getting the best return.”

“As with other marketing strategies, in-store sampling and experiences are most powerful when they are solving a problem,” added Andrea Young, president, Advantage Customer Experience. “Further, with the evolution of our models to be so data- and insight-centric, we are partnering at new levels with our brands and retailers to shape programming that is driving both great experience and great business return.”

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