Shopper marketing is a powerful promotion strategy, with both immediate and long-term positive impact on sales, according to new research by Advantage Marketing Partners’ consumer, shopper and media agencies, in partnership with Catalina.

Shopper marketing is an effective, efficient periodic promotional tactic and long-term, brand-building strategy, according to “Silencing the Skeptics: Shopper Marketing Builds Brands, Drives Loyalty,” based on research that looked at total performance of shopper promotions over multiple time horizons to provide a complete view of the relative impact of retail activation during promoted weeks and over the long term.

“The ability of a brand to gain short-term promotional lift across all expected metrics is bolstered by the long-term annual revenue lift these programs can deliver,” said Liz Fogerty, chief strategy officer for EDGE Marketing, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency. “Shopper marketing proves critical in helping manufacturers effectively meet their customers’ needs to boost top-line growth and win shopper loyalty.”

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