Working at Advantage

When I joined SAS Retail Services, an Advantage retail merchandising agency, in 2020, I knew that I wanted to dive deeper into the retail world and expand my knowledge and experience far beyond day-to-day store operations. SAS was a perfect fit, a company where I was able to leverage my experience as a co-manager of a large retail store and knowledge of store operations to help our consumer goods clients grow their business.

My previous experience managing a large mass-merchandise store has really helped me advance my career at SAS. Joining the team as business development manager, I was promoted to manager, retail client services within two years and, in September 2022, to senior manager, working with a top client on their retail execution.

I work closely with the client to determine their business needs, and then work with our field team to ensure the tasks supporting those needs are executed in the store. We use data dashboards to mine the data for insights to provide our client the full story of every action. Having insight into what goes on in stores each day is critical to making the right decisions to ensure the greatest results.

I’ve learned how important it is to know the “why” behind every decision. By knowing the why, you will always be ahead of the game. It’s easy to take direction and execute, but understanding the reasoning behind it sets you apart. If your client wants to display additional signage in a store, great. But why? Is it because they want to draw more attention to an item or to a brand? Are there better ways to invest that money?

Knowing the why takes you from simply executing to a more collaborative space, where you will learn your client’s true needs and intentions. And that can only make you a better business partner.

Capitalizing on opportunities and responding to challenges are the crux of this business — today challenges revolve around the labor market and increase in cost of goods, tomorrow it will be something else. The key to driving results is the mindset and drive we arm ourselves with. We have one of the greatest teams in this industry, and we can leverage any opportunity through collaboration and teamwork.

My growth here at SAS has been incredibly satisfying. I’m constantly challenging myself to learn more, to develop and be developed, and to maintain an upward career trajectory. Similar to my personal goals, the goal for our team is to grow — not only ourselves, but also our clients’ business.

Omesh Bhardwaj
Senior Manager, Retail Client Services
SAS Retail Services

Since joining SAS Retail Services in 2020 as a business development manager, Omesh Bhardwaj has been promoted to manager, retail client services and, most recently, senior manager.