Working at Advantage

As an Advantage sales specialist, my responsibilities go far beyond signing up new clients. A true multitasker, I also project manage the logistics for trade shows and other events, plus assist more than a dozen account executives. My role is really about making things happen behind the scenes and completing projects with many moving parts. While attending trade shows, I have the privilege and pleasure of engaging with customers while helping our team meet its goals.

Connecting with people is a big part of the job, and it’s a skill I bring to my involvement with Advantage’s Black & African-American Network Diversified (BAND) employee resource group (ERG), where I serve as secretary. At BAND, our mission is ​​​​​​​to provide education, awareness, inclusion and a community for Black and African American associates, allies and the Advantage organization in general.

It’s so rewarding and inspiring being part of a group of people with the same passion. No matter which of Advantage’s eight ERGs you participate in, you’re accepted and encouraged to be your authentic self.

As a member of an Advantage ERG, you’ll learn you’re not alone. I like the camaraderie of coming together, working together for a common goal and being there for each other.

Although I’ve been an Advantage associate for over a decade, my involvement with BAND has opened my eyes to aspects of the company I wasn’t familiar with. Our members work across many divisions and businesses. I’ve learned about the many sales, marketing and intelligence services Advantage has to offer and the great opportunities for professional growth across our organization.

As an ERG leader, I’ve built relationships and friendships — and helped others build relationships and friendships. BAND members are always only a phone call away.

I’m all about togetherness — and participating in one (or more!) of Advantage’s ERGs provides a sense of community.

Jenifer Cooper
Sales Specialist, National Accounts
Advantage Solutions

Jenifer “Coop” Cooper has been an Advantage associate since 2010. She is part of a dedicated team for a key Advantage client, providing sales support and managing the logistics for trade shows and other events. She serves as secretary for Black & African-American Network Diversified (BAND), an Advantage employee resource group.