Delivery and takeout account for 38% of restaurant sales today and offering beer on the takeout menu can help restaurant brands leverage to-go opportunities, according to a recent report by IN Connected Marketing, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

Co-branding delivery orders with beer is a relatively new concept and not without challenges, according to “Go Further in Your Delivery Program.” Still, delivery programs that include beer can build incremental sales, bring new customers to the restaurant and help build a foodservice operator’s catering revenues, IN Connected reports.

“The delivery space keeps growing and restaurant brands need to differentiate themselves from competitors and stand out from all delivery choices the to-go consumer must go through,” according to the report. “Adding beer to the delivery menu can be the key to surprise loyal consumers and win new ones. However, brands need to educate consumers that adding beer to their delivery order is not only possible but should be integral to completing their to-go meal. Implementing this delivery strategy with the right partners will get restaurant brands to gain the incremental revenue to-go orders offer.”

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