New products and services and changes in pet-owner behavior are opening up a plethora of opportunities in the pet segment, especially in the areas of pet health and wellness.

Nearly 70% of American households include at least one pet, according to Advantage Solutions’ “The Humanization of Pets” infographic. Nine in 10 dog and cat owners consider their pets “part of the family” — with nearly half of dog owners finding it harder to leave their pet than their human partners for a week.

The great majority of pet owners (84%) think manufacturers should do more to ensure the safety of pet food and treats. Nearly three-fourths want to know the origin of pet food and treat ingredients. The same percentage of pet owners want pet foods that will help maintain cognitive function as their pets grow older.

“The Humanization of Pets” showcases statistics from a number of sources, including the Advantage Solutions SMARTeam, American Pet Products Association, A.T. Kearney, Common Sense,, Gerber, Google Surveys, Mintel, National Pet Owners Survey 2017-2018, Packaged Facts,,, Simmons, U.S. Census and Statista.

The Humanization of Pets Infographic

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