Moving through the pandemic crisis,  the foodservice industry continues to look at comfort food innovation as patrons seek to balance their everyday diet with indulgences, according to “The Flavor Atlas World of Comfort Food,” a new infographic published by Marlin Network, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

Among the post popular comfort food menu items are fried chicken, mac and cheese, and onion rings. The fastest growing have been biscuits and gravy (up 17% but found on just 8% of menus), sweet potatoes (up 13%, on 39% of menus), and mac and cheese and creamed corn, both up 10%, though mac and cheese is found on nearly 44% of menus, while creamed corn makes an appearance on just 3%.

Among ethnic and regional comfort foods found on an increasing number of menus are poutine, ramen, shrimp and grits, hush puppies, spanakopita and elotes.


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