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Every military family has challenges, makes sacrifices and experiences hardships such as long separations, overseas deployments and injuries from combat. Since Advantage started its employee resource groups in 2020 and I joined the Warrior Support Crew ERG, I’ve found that I can talk openly at work about my experiences as a military spouse for the first time. Our Warrior Support Crew makes the Advantage enterprise feel a bit smaller and more closely connected.

I married my husband after he finished U.S. Coast Guard boot camp and we were transferred twice in the early years of our marriage. When your next role is assigned, there are only a few months to find new housing and move your family. The military family must be resilient through each move.

We were living in New York City on September 11, 2001. My husband was assigned to New York City’s command center for weeks and that scary, overwhelming experience changed our path. Before 9/11, we had envisioned a life of travel with each of my husband’s assignments, but post-9/11 we wanted to stay in New York, close to our extended families.

My husband retired in 2020 after 23 years as a Coast Guard commander in the marine and waterways division. He loved his work with the Coast Guard and we’re so proud of his service. We display a shadow box with all his awarded ribbons, medals and coins, which tells the story of his career.

About a year ago, my husband decided to go back to the Coast Guard and is now working as a civilian marine inspector on Long Island. We’re extremely grateful for his time in the service. His job is a tiny part of the important work that the Armed Forces do, which is why our family always thanks our veterans for their service, every time we see a uniform or a veteran’s hat.

With each discussion with the Warrior Support Crew, I walk away in awe, humbled and reminded of what is important. Our Warrior Support Crew members share an appreciation for the military and take it a step further to give back. I was amazed to learn how many of my Warrior Support Crew colleagues volunteer with veteran-focused nonprofit groups. Hearing their inspiring stories helped me realize that my family could be doing more. Now I’m working through the approval process to volunteer at a local veterans’ home.

I have always believed the challenges my family has weathered are insignificant compared to the service and sacrifices of our country’s veterans. I’m grateful for their courage, commitment and the example they provide for us all.

Deb Grossman
Vice President of Client Services
Advantage Solutions

Deb Grossman works with consumer goods clients to establish marketing needs, identify business opportunities and help them to achieve their goals through product demonstrations. She serves as chair of the Advantage Warrior Support Crew employee resource group.

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