Working at Advantage

Currently a retail sales specialist on the Hispanic Syndicated Team, Frank Galvan has worked for Advantage Solutions since 2014. A Houston native, some of Galvan’s extended family hail from Mexico, which makes him a proud third-generation American.

In this interview as part of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Galvan details the core daily values he carries with him from his family and how he’s passing them on to his children and grandchildren. His fond memories and the cultural traditions he’s experienced regularly make their way into his work and are just one more reason it’s essential for companies like Advantage Solutions to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion.

What does it mean to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, not only for yourself and your family but for Advantage Solutions?

It means a great deal. I think back to the way I was brought up, and some of the core values are to show respect for one another, to grow from one another and to never look down on someone. I include those values in my everyday business as I learn from my team members. That’s what Hispanic Heritage Month is about: inclusivity. We’re all working for one common goal — to succeed.

Speaking of your team, how essential is it for Advantage to have a Hispanic Syndicated Team and to promote diversity, equity and inclusion?

It’s very important. We have to understand different ethnic backgrounds and cultures in order to bring brand awareness to our clients and customers. Whether it’s translating our messaging, creating shelf talkers or explaining pricing, we help the Hispanic community understand our business. Through explanation and interpretation, our team helps to grow our business.

What does this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme “Poder Together” mean to you?

To me, this literally means “yes, you can do it.” I interpret this as working together effectively as coworkers, embracing each other and getting to know other people in the organization. I really try to emphasize that last part of meeting your coworkers. Don’t be bashful. Poder Together is about meeting one another and collaborating, but also having fun.

You mentioned your family values earlier. What are some other family traditions you’re proud of?

Oh, that’d probably be the music. That was something my mother loved and made sure we also loved when we were boys. She told us, “You’re going to go to dance school!” It’s called baile folklorico and we toured every weekend, danced in front of massive crowds and wore costumes. It was like a rock’n’roll band, on the road constantly, performing in front of so many people. It even influenced my decision to play the trumpet in high school.

What advice would you share with the next generation of Latine talent?

I would say, don’t give up, be persistent and understand that you are somebody. You’re here for a reason. We all have different skill sets. You might not have the same skill set as everybody else, but that’s what makes you special.