Working at Advantage

 Advantage Solutions truly appreciates the contributions of its tens of thousands of front-line team members who work millions of hours in the field serving our brand and retail partners. For our “Day on the Front Line” series, leaders from across Advantage visited and worked beside some of these valued team members. Recently Walter Farinaccia, vice president of retail operations Canada, spent some time with retail sales specialist Lisa Taitt.

As a retail sales specialist for Advantage Solutions in the Downtown Toronto area, Lisa Taitt manages an assigned territory that includes Shoppers Drug, No Frills, Rexall, Loblaws, CTC, Lowes and Walmart pharmacies, as well as a few independent grocery stores. With extensive experience in retail, she has found a niche in the pharmacy segment, says Walter Farinaccia, vice president of retail operations Canada, who spent some time with Taitt on the job this spring.

“Lisa goes above and beyond in all areas of her job,” he says. “I have come to appreciate the passion she has for all her territory accounts, but I truly admire her commitment to her pharmacist detailing accounts. It’s obvious she has a passion for this area of responsibility in her territory.”

During a typical day, Taitt is busy visiting stores where she audits client products, executes merchandising, speaks with key contacts regarding follow-up, handles orders, prints shelf tags and performs pharmacy detailing.

“I love my job, the people, the company culture and my customers,” Taitt says. “Every day is different, and there is a great deal of flexibility. You can spend one day visiting your drug or grocery stores. Or you can switch it up and take care of building merchandising displays or working incentive activities, talking to store-level managers about programs available from clients. This job can be challenging and has so many moving parts. Keeping up with your tasks monthly as well as serving your stores can keep you very busy. I love it!”

Farinaccia says Taitt’s professionalism and positive approach are key to her success. “Lisa is confident, experienced and knowledgeable, which is evident in all aspects of her day-to-day performance at retail. I witnessed the wonderful rapport she has with her key decision makers as well as her section contacts. I am grateful to have Lisa as part of my amazing team and very proud of the amazing contributions that all our front-line associates make in bringing awareness, knowledge and dedication to support of our various client initiatives. They are true brand ambassadors.”