How shoppers really feel about self-checkout

For many consumers, self-checkout is a convenience that enhances their shopping experience, while others find the technology troublesome and time-consuming. Either way, self-checkout is here to stay. Our latest Advantage 2024 Shopper Outlook takes a look at who’s embracing this technology and why, and who are the holdouts resisting it.

Here are some highlights of the report:

  • The importance of self-checkout varies among shopper demographics. Black and Hispanic shoppers, Gen Z and Millennials, those with higher household incomes and households with children all rate self-checkout as important to their shopping experience.
  • Traditional checkout is more important to older white shoppers with median to high incomes and no children.
  • Overall, traditional, staffed checkout is more important to shoppers than self-checkout, with two-thirds of respondents in 2023 saying staffed checkout is important to them. That compares with 53% who said self-checkout is important. The importance of self-checkout to shoppers has dropped 10% since 2021 when it was 63%.
  • Self-checkout shoppers place more importance on store environment, services and staff than the average shopper, including a clean store, bright lighting, clear aisles, short lines and customer service.

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The Advantage 2024 Shopper Outlook on Self-Checkout Preferences was sponsored by Advantage Customer Experience; Ajinomoto; Pete & Gerry’s; RIOT Energy; StarKist; Daisy Brand; Musco Food Corp.; The Krusteaz Company; Reynolds Consumer Products; Upfield; and Utz Brands.


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