Digital Technology

As the retail landscape becomes more and more influenced by digital, retailers and manufacturers need access to technology that enables them to both grow and manage their businesses in the most operationally efficient way.

In addition, they must ensure they can make a successful transition to a digital environment and stay competitive with quickly changing trends.

With this in mind, in 2015 Advantage Digital Technology was formed to drive value through operational optimization, online expansion, and retail execution.

Today the division offers a critical suite of services in the following areas:



Adlumina is a SaaS analytics platform that empowers sales teams to identify performance opportunities and their root causes by asking and answering the right business questions. By combining data simplification with a proprietary analytic workflow, high impact insights are uncovered faster and more effectively than ever before.

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Atlas helps consumer goods companies make better decisions by harmonizing data and extracting richer insights … in less time. Atlas' single, intuitive interface accelerates the Insight-to-Impact Cycle, while streamlining the flow of information … from data to decision.

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Beekeeper Marketing​​

Beekeeper Marketing represents over 100 natural/organic/specialty consumer packaged goods companies in the online channel, helping them reach their sales potential on Amazon by developing and executing sales, marketing, and supply chain strategies.

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Canopy is an e-commerce platform that provides companies with a consolidated cross-retailer view of their online market performance. Our monitor, measure and manage methodology tracks performance across the major value drivers in e-commerce – content health, customer engagement, sales & inventory, and pricing & offers.

Canopy delivers insights that help optimize assortment, pricing, and customer service. The platform also proactively notifies companies where they can improve their online operations in areas such as supply chain with out-of-stock notifications and where content improvements can be made to product listings.

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Quiverr is a leading ecommerce agency that advises and implements marketplace strategies for brands in the online channel. As an Amazon Platinum-level seller ranking in the top one-tenth of one percent of all Amazon sellers, Quiverr leverages extensive online selling experience to help brands manage their products and pricing in the hyper-competitive online marketplace.

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Sage Tree

Sage Tree's e-commerce capabilities cover a comprehensive set of services, including content development, brand reputation management, and representation of brands to online retailers.

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FlixMedia's retailer syndication network distributes rich content (e.g., digital images, videos, product specifications, etc.) to over 1,000 e-commerce sites for a more engaging online shopper experience.

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The Data Council​​

The Data Council is a leading innovator of reliable retail product information solutions. Its IX-ONE membership-based platform provides independently verified and standardized product information to vendors, brokers, distributors, retailers and key partners in the organic, natural and specialty products industry.

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