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Analytics, Insights & Intelligence

Advantage's Analytics, Insights​​ & Intelligence (Ai2) vertical furnishes both the proactive, analytical talent, and the data resources and technology needed to build insight-based, sales-driving business plans for our clients and customers.


Advantage has over 325 in-field category ma​nagement and space management professionals. They support our sales teams with the analytics and insights that fuel winning sales plans, secure new item distribution, improve trade-promotion effectiveness and optimize pricing, assortment, and shelving plans. In addition, our SMARTeam™ custom research consultancy is available​.

Data & Technology

We deploy a range of technological solutions, including our exclusive Speed to Insight™ platform that gives business managers easy access to sales opportunities, shopper insights and trends, and provides category managers with a combination of consumption and financial metrics to improve promotion planning and forecasting.

​Speed to Insight Platform

Advantage's proprietary Analytics, Insights & Intelligence. tools, packaged as the Speed To Insight™ Suite, address complex industry data, as well as the evolution of client category portfolios and retailer geographic expansion. The Suite supports our business managers with robust analytics, deep category reviews, and compelling selling presentations that enable fast data-driven recommendations in the field. Using Speed To Insight™ our business managers are able to focus on matters that help them sell more product and improve category performance for our retailer partners.

The Speed to Insight Platform creates a step-by-step discovery process and business analysis that enables our managers to quickly assess, analyze, and present compelling sales pitches. Sales Opportunity Explorer (SOE) allows us to leverage data across multiple categories and retailers, providing a sweeping look across the entire landscape of a manufacturer's portfolio. This lets us quickly identify where our clients have the biggest growth opportunities and most pressing performance issues. Household panel data provides insight into how retailers are aligning with shoppers.

Causal Opportunity Explorer (COE) mines data-intensive sales causal elements and provides Speed To Insight™ on promotion, distribution, pricing and assortment market drivers. COE includes Promotion Optimization, Distribution and Pricing Management, and Assortment Optimization modules.​​​​​​​​

SMART Market Research


Drawing on a wide range of resources, SMART Market Research specializes in solving retail issues and providing custom consumer, retailer, and vendor insights via intelligent research reports that enable businesses to better understand and respond to consumer purchase behavior. The team's proprietary Path to Purchase (P2P) methodology allows clients to go beyond the traditional Consumer Decision Tree and identify the decision points that affect how and why consumers purchase a particular product or brand.

The SMART service agency is made up of certified market research specialists who integrate their consumer packaged goods expertise with a blend of traditional marketing and proprietary research methodologies to complement our existing service offerings.

Read our latest ​Market Research study, which explores Millennial retail purchase decision drivers and examines where they spend their money.