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Analytics, Insights & Intelligence

Advantage's Analytics, Insights​​ & Intelligence (Ai2) vertical furnishes both the proactive, analytical talent, and the data resources and technology needed to build insight-based, sales-driving business plans for our clients and customers.


Adlumina is a SaaS analytics platform that empowers sales teams to identify performance opportunities and their root causes by asking and answering the right business questions. By combining data simplification with a proprietary analytic workflow, high impact insights are uncovered faster and more effectively than ever before.

Click-through navigation and integrated dashboards seamlessly guide users through a sequenced set of best-in-class data grids with powerful visualizations that dynamically change as data grids change. Presentation-ready exports to both Excel and PowerPoint bring collaborative insights into sharp focus with a single click.

Adlumina helps sales teams:

    • KNOW WHERE TO LOOK: high-level category performance across multiple geographies with specific sales performance alerts
    • ASK AND ANSWER THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: snapshot of category performance for a selected geography conveniently located in one place
    • UNDERSTAND THE OPPORTUNITIES: detailed category and brand level client and competitive performance for single category/geography analysis
    • CONSIDER SHOPPER BEHAVIOR: the most intuitive decomposition of category leakage (Leakage Tree) available
    • EVALUATE ITEM-LEVEL DETAIL: detailed item-level client and competitive performance for single category/geography analysis

SMART™ Market Research


Drawing on a wide range of resources, SMART™ Market Research specializes in solving retail issues and providing custom consumer, retailer, and vendor insights via intelligent research reports that enable businesses to better understand and respond to consumer purchase behavior. The team's proprietary Path to Purchase (P2P) methodology allows clients to go beyond the traditional Consumer Decision Tree and identify the decision points that affect how and why consumers purchase a particular product or brand.

The SMART service agency is made up of certified market research specialists who integrate their consumer packaged goods expertise with a blend of traditional marketing and proprietary research methodologies to complement our existing service offerings.