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Inside Advantage, Winter 2019
The universal need to innovate is the backdrop for this issue of Inside Advantage. You’ll read about new strategies for unlocking growth in today’s landscape, customizing retail coverage, Asian flavors that are inspiring food and beverage innovation, packaging trends and new social media technologies for engaging with consumers as well as improving operations.

Inside Advantage, Fall 2018
This issue focuses on anticipating and responding to industry change. Learn how Amazon solves the problems no one else is thinking about, how behavioral analysis can transform customer data into a consumer identity strategy, how robotics technology captures shelf data at a granularity and frequency not previously possible, and much more.

Inside Advantage, Winter 2018
In an omni-channel world where connected commerce requires new solutions, Advantage is reaching higher to ensure that we provide the talent and technology to win. Our new Adlumina business intelligence platform helps business managers uncover higher impact, collaborative insights. Our digital technology company, Flixmedia, helps brands manage and distribute digital content with 1,200 online retailers across 68 countries.

Inside Advantage, Spring 2017
The disruptors of online shopping, robotic merchandising, digital shelf tags, Amazon's new C-store, or Blue Apron type consuming demand that the tools and services needed to grow business are needed more than ever but are also changing dramatically. In addition, the prediction that online and digital commerce omnipresence is now becoming reality.

In an omni-channel world where connected commerce requires new solutions for brands, Advantage is reaching higher to ensure we can provide you with the talent and technology to win across an ever evolving ecosystem. Read more in this issue of Inside Advantage.

Inside Advantage, Spring 2016
The current challenging business climate has generated a host of questions: What are the short and long-term effects of the recent wave of consolidation? How are consumer preferences dictating the speed at which companies must innovate? How do we effectively harness the massive amount of data available to deliver ultra-personalized predictive insights without being plagued by "analysis paralysis"?

There is a lot to tackle, and this issue of Inside Advantage unlocks the answers to these prevalent questions and more.

Inside Advantage, Summer 2015
The retail environment is experiencing disruption like never before. At Advantage, we are helping our clients prepare for this disruption by building and enhancing services that will deliver an edge for our clients in this competitive environment.

Read more about how we are reaching across borders and building and enhancing services for our clients in the latest issue of Inside Advantage, from examining the shopper's path to purchase through a unique lens to understand what drives them to purchase even before they think about mak­ing a trip to the store to delivering a comprehensive approach to eCommerce by combining the power of Advantage's eCom­merce sales force and our AMP digital mar­keting resources.

Inside Advantage, Winter 2015
The industry may be abuzz with predictions for change in 2015, but one thing remains constant: Advantage's commitment to provide efficient and effective services and deliver the industry's most flexible solutions for our clients. Nowhere is this more obvious than within the pages of Inside Advantage.

The Winter 2015 issue covers a lot of ground, from a new feature of our Speed to Insight analytics, insights​​ & intelligence platform that helps Business Development Managers assess and optimize new item launches, to strategic Club channel acquisitions that provide unmatched insights and access at Costco, Sam's, and BJ's, to our expanded Hispanic retail selling team featured on this issue's cover.

Inside Advantage, Summer 2014
The latest issue of Inside Advantage is here! At Advantage we are igniting our mission to be the undisputed leader of business services by providing insight-based, mission-critical solutions for our clients and retail partners. Our cover speaks to our acquisition of LTE Group, a shopper and experiential agency dedicated to serving the growing U.S. multicultural market. We have also expanded our reach into the Pet Channel by bringing the capabilities of a national sales agency to this specialized space, and we are making strides in our analytics, insights​​ & intelligence capabilities by leveraging retailer shopper loyalty card data to gain actionable shopper insights that drive results for clients.

Inside Advantage, Winter 2014
At Advantage the turn of the New Year presents a time to both reflect on the past and look towards the future of our company and our industry. This winter issue of Inside Advantage is chock-full of news about the sustainable solutions Advantage developed in 2013 and insights to tackle the challenges of 2014. Read on to get the latest on the Kroger in-store sampling solutions, exciting acquisitions in Digital and Multicultural Marketing, and the latest predictions for the CPG consumer landscape.

Inside Advantage, Summer 2013
In this latest issue of Inside Advantage, we explore topics from cracking the code on retail distribution deficiencies to Advantage's latest acquisitions in Perishables. We also sit down with President and COO Mike Salzberg to discuss recent trends in our rapidly changing industry and how Advantage is keeping pace with innovation.

Inside Advantage, Winter 2013
The inaugural edition of Inside Advantage celebrates Advantage's 25th year, celebrating achievements from the launch of our Causal Opportunity Explorer analytics, insights​​ & intelligence application to the innovative retail Pitch Book technology that has changed the way retail teams add value in store.