More Americans are planning to get together for Super Bowl parties this year, as 54% of U.S. adults — and nearly two-thirds of men — expect to watch the game, according to the latest Advantage Solutions survey of more than 1,000 adult men and women.

As early as the second week of January, well before the team matchup was determined, six in 10 adults who plan to watch the game anticipated hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, according to “Super Bowl 2023: Who’ll Be Watching and How Will They Be Spending?”.

Whether watching alone or with others, most Super Bowl viewers (66%) plan to buy special food and drinks for the occasion. Of this group, one-fourth plan to spend $50 or less; nearly half (48%) expect to spend between $51 and $100, 16% will spend $101-$150 and 10% will spend more than $150.

Among party hosts, more than half (52%) plan to spend more than $100 on food and drinks for the big day.

Topping the list of food and drinks to be served by party hosts: game-day favorites salty snacks, beer and pizza, with prepared sandwiches and giant subs close behind.

Grocery retailers will see their fair share of prepared food purchases. Nearly half (49%) of party hosts plan to buy from a supermarket some or all of the ready-made hot and cold entrees and side dishes they plan to serve.

Among the survey’s key findings:

  • While more than one-third of adults who plan to watch the Super Bowl believe the game is the most interesting thing about Super Bowl Sunday, more than one-fourth say they’re interested equally in all aspects of the day: the game, the commercials, the half-time show, the opportunity to be social, and the food and drink. Men and older adults are much more likely than women and younger adults to say the game is what interests them most; women and Gen Z adults are much more interested in the half-time show than men and older adults are.
  • Twenty-two percent of those who plan to watch the game this year say they’ll host a party. More than one-fourth (26%) plan to attend someone else’s party and another 13% plan to attend a party at a restaurant or bar.
  • Half of those planning to host a Super Bowl party this year expect more than 10 guests.
  • Fifteen percent of those who plan to watch the game say the commercials are the most interesting part of the televised event. But just how effective are those multimillion-dollar 30-second ad spends? About one-third (31%) of all adults surveyed said a Super Bowl commercial has influenced them to buy a product or service in the past two years.
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