Front-end candy and snacks sales have been impacted by higher prices at the shelf and the rise in self-checkout, but promotions continue to drive impulse purchases, according to the latest research by SMARTeam, Advantage Sales’ consumer goods insights team.

An Advantage Sales survey of 2,010 shoppers and other market research found:

  • The grocery front-end experience is key to a shopper’s store choice
  • Nearly 60% of grocery shoppers prefer self-checkout for quick trips
  • More than 60% of grocery shoppers are less likely to buy an item at a self-checkout lane than at a full-service lane
  • Almost 80% of candy buyers and 72% of single-serve snack buyers decide to purchase these items while in the store
  • Grocery checkout purchases of candy and snacks more impulsive than convenience store purchases
  • At convenience stores,  66% of candy and snacks are purchased for immediate consumption. Nearly 70% of candy buyers and 54% of snack buyers know which brand they’ll buy before they enter the store.

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