Four in 10 Americans are buying single-serve candy at least once a week and nearly one-fourth are buying gum that often, according to the results of a May 2023 survey of 1,154 U.S. consumers by Advantage Solutions.

When buying candy or gum, consumers are most influenced by the ability to buy their favorite brands and products, everyday value, price discounts and what they find at the checkout, according to “I Want Candy (and Gum!),” based on the survey results.

Among other survey findings:

  • Gum and candy continue to be strong impulse buys: 38% say gum is an impulse buy “always” or “frequently”; 51% say the same for single-serve candy and 32% for multi-serving packages of candy.
  • Even apart from holidays and parties, nearly half of consumers (48%) buy multi-serving packages of candy at least monthly.
  • Nearly half of candy and gum buyers most often make their purchases at mass merchandisers, especially when buying for later use. Supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores see a bit higher percentage of purchases for immediate use than for later use.
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