Half of consumers age 34 and under are annoyed or “creeped out” when served up a digital ad for a product they recently purchased, according to “Personalize-to-Play,” a report by Adlucent, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

When asked about their advertisement experience online, nearly 40% of the Millennial and Generation Z survey respondents recalled clicking on an ad before making a purchase, according to the report, which lays out the next generations’ sentiments on digital marketing.

“To consumers in this age group, ads are an expected part of their internet experience. Valuing free access to the websites they enjoy, they would rather give up information to have a better browsing experience than pay for access or be bombarded with irrelevant ads,” according to the report. “To catch consumer attention, brands’ ads need to resonate with the audience as individuals, giving them the impression that they are being spoken to one on one.”

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