New products from emerging brands are breaking through on physical and digital shelves at a record pace as upstart companies quickly respond to changing consumer preferences and seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving omnichannel marketplace, according to “Learn to Win with the Emerging Brands Playbook,” an Advantage Solutions thought leadership piece.

Small, emerging product makers are succeeding by delivering the right items in the right packages in high-growth, healthy-margin categories, according to the report.

With zero name recognition and marketing budgets that are a fraction of their more established competitors, many emerging brands are making their mark by introducing products that play to growing consumer demand for quality and sustainability, especially in the clean-label food, beverage and health and beauty categories.

“This [natural and organic] category is growing at three times the rate of conventional products,” noted Lynn Yako Graham, president of Beekeeper Marketing, an Advantage Solutions company that helps consumer goods manufacturers profitably grow their business on Amazon.

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