Gen Z consumers, the first truly omnichannel generation, shop online and in-stores with balance and fluidity, according to “Decode Gen Z’s Commerce Habits,” a report by Path to Purchase Institute in partnership with Advantage Unified Commerce based on a survey of Gen Z shoppers.

The report examines how Gen Z searches, browses and shops across channels and platforms, plus what’s influencing their purchasing decisions. Among the findings:

  • Gen Z consumers are mostly shopping in person for food and beverages, household and personal care items, and pet care supplies. They are shopping more online than in stores for electronics, home decor, sporting goods and beauty items.
  • Among the factors driving Gen Z to shop in-store is the ability to see products in person and have hands-on interactions. Online shopping is pushed by ease and convenience, plus access to a wider selection of products in most categories.
  • Gen Z is drawn to in-store options that are affordable and offer a one-stop shopping experience. Walmart and Target are Gen Z consumers’ favorite destinations for in-store shopping for everyday items.
  • Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are the most popular social media channels among Gen Z shoppers for purchasing everyday items.
  • Personal recommendations, frequent use of the social platform and feeling confident the platform protects personal information are the top reasons for choosing a favorite social platform for shopping.
  • The impact social media has on purchasing everyday items is greatly influenced by what Gen Z shoppers see their personal social circle doing. The activity of friends, family, classmates and co-workers “frequently” or “sometimes” influences purchases of 75% of survey respondents.
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