Smart speakers are the fastest-growing consumer technology since the smartphone and are poised to revolutionize retailing, according to “Emerging Channels: Voice Commerce,” the first in a series of reports by Advantage Digital Technology examining the changing retail and consumer goods landscape.

Thirty-one million people in the United States will browse and research products, add items to carts and make a purchase via a smart speaker in 2019, up 31.6% from the year before, noted Robb Powell, president of e-commerce services for Advantage Digital Technology. By 2021, this figure is expected to climb to 38 million as more than four in 10 U.S. smart speaker users tap the devices for shopping.

“Though still in its infancy, voice-enabled commerce is already influencing the way consumers behave, brands advertise and retailers connect with shoppers,” Powell said. “The future of v-commerce is still an unknown, but we are working to help our clients stay ahead of the future.”

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