IRVINE, Calif. — Advantage Solutions has formed Marlin Connections, one of the largest foodservice-focused communications and culinary agencies in North America. The agency brings together some of the most notable names in the foodservice industry: Marlin Company, CSSI, The Alchemedia Project and Bon Aperture Studios.

“Marlin Connections was born from Advantage Solutions’ deliberate focus and investment in foodservice capabilities, including the acquisition of top sales and marketing agencies in the industry,” said Dan Dougherty, president, away from home, for Advantage Solutions. “These individual teams have been integrated under a streamlined structure and singular brand name to better reflect our combined comprehensive capabilities and offerings.”

With a focus on delivering smart solutions that drive measurable results and unmatched connectivity to the top 100 U.S. restaurant chains, Marlin Connections is a one-stop partner for all foodservice communications, culinary and content needs. The agency works with the leading foodservice manufacturers and operators, and employs among the most renowned strategists, chefs, creatives, media planners and analysts in the foodservice space.

“Blurred lines between retail and foodservice are redefining the way people plan meals and consume food, and according to projections, the U.S. foodservice industry is expected to grow almost 11% over the next seven years,” noted Alli Welker, general manager for Marlin Connections. “Door dashers are now picking up dinner deliveries and grabbing groceries for tomorrow, while convenience stores are go-to destinations for complete meals. We’re ready — and well equipped and positioned — to help clients navigate this rapidly changing foodservice landscape and build brands that are as relevant away from home as they are in the grocery aisles.”