Working at Advantage

IRVINE, Calif. ― Advantage Solutions is continuing its partnership with BLAC (Building Leaders and Creators) for a second year.

BLAC is a 12-week, paid internship for diverse creative thinkers that takes place at ad agencies across the country, including Advantage businesses AMP Agency, Advantage Unified Commerce, Sunflower Group and Upshot. Interns participate in a shared curriculum and upon completion of the program become part of a network of peers and agency leaders who will continue to provide support throughout their careers. BLAC is a champion for the more diverse and inclusive advertising industry of the future, seeks to inspire and be inspired by a new generation of Black talent and is committed to providing safe and comfortable environments where all voices are respected and heard.

“BLAC’s mission and its partnership with Advantage aims to bring more Black people into advertising, ensuring they can fully express themselves, find community and ultimately lead,” said Katelyn Crowley, vice president, associate experience at Advantage Solutions.

In 2022, six interns who took part successfully completed the program with AMP Agency and Upshot. AMP Agency and Upshot received the highest intern-satisfaction rating of all participating companies in the BLAC program.

“The paid summer internship in Chicago ran for 12 weeks,” said Ryan Wilson, who interned at Upshot last year. “I was able to experience so much in that time: working on social media campaigns, seeing what happens behind the scenes on photo and video shoots, sitting in on client calls. I was fortunate to work with experienced professionals who took time to give me constructive feedback so that I can get better. I appreciated that so much.”

Applications for the 2023 BLAC internship program are due February 17, 2023. For more information and to apply, visit the BLAC website.