AUSTIN, Texas — Adlucent, an Advantage Marketing Partners performance marketing agency, has been selected to participate in the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

As a badged Facebook Marketing Partner, Adlucent has 24/7 access to advanced Facebook tools, training and workshops, consultations and 1:1 chat support, giving the agency enhanced knowledge of Facebook’s family of apps and services.

“Adlucent’s recognition as a badged Facebook Marketing Partner represents a continuation of our efforts to build subject-matter expertise of Facebook advertising and collaborate effectively with our Facebook agency partner team,” said Alex Harmon, Adlucent vice president, partnerships. “We look forward to applying the additional resources we’ve unlocked to leverage Facebook’s best practices for placement adoption and optimization to drive meaningful business outcomes for our clients.”

Adlucent will leverage Facebook’s tools and its own proprietary Deep Search® technology, which equips its performance marketers with campaign management and reporting tools needed to efficiently drive continuous growth for its clients, noted Adlucent CEO Ashwani Dhar.

“As digital retailers navigate a privacy-first world, new measurement methodologies will emerge,” Dhar said. “Adlucent has prepared for this shift with new measurement tools and we’ll continue to adapt our tactics to keep pace with Facebook’s best practices.

“Retailers will also need to evolve their approach to engaging in-market consumers with relevant ads, further amplifying the importance of strong creative. We’ve recently expanded our creative offerings to better assist clients in the development of performance creative. We remain agile and committed to innovation and this partnership with Facebook will further enable us to do that.”

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