Changing consumer expectations and behavior are creating new branding opportunities and challenges, according to three Advantage brand design experts.

Daymon’s Steve Cox, AMP Agency’s Greer Pearce and Hatch’s R. Eugene Heard share their insights on brand strategy in the fast-evolving omnichannel marketplace in “A Brand New World,” an Advantage thought leadership piece.

“In the digital age, our avenues of information are so diverse that a customer journey is no longer linear or simple,” Pearce said. “At any given stage in the marketing funnel, a person might bounce around from Instagram to billboard to blog post to text exchange and back in mere minutes. That means providing a cohesive brand experience is more complex than ever. The left hand always has to know what the right hand is doing and when you have so many moving parts, it becomes a challenge.

“Because of this complexity and the quickly shifting landscape, it’s more important for brands to have a strong and clearly defined purpose.”

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