In the past year, conventional methods of attracting and maintaining consumers’ attention have been pressure tested — and there have been some surprising winners and losers, according to “2021 Commerce Trends: The Future With 20/20 Vision,” a new report from IN Connected, an Advantage Marketing Partners agency.

“Establishing frameworks that withstand the litmus test of uncertainty has become the most important ingredient in a business’s continued success,” according to the report.

The 30-page report delves into real-life examples of brands on the forefront of:

  • Livestream e-commerce
  • Interactive connection
  • Reimagined sampling
  • Online re-creations of storefronts, markets and more
  • The use of biometric technology
  • Digital fitness
  • New brick-and-mortar strategies
  • COVID adaptations
  • Dining industry innovations
  • Direct-to-consumer selling
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand authenticity
  • Marketing to young consumers
  • Gen Z commerce

“Although the industry has always thrived on newness, 2021 finds us seeking out fresh ways to approach our foundational elements, as well as harness innovation to create a sense of safety, security and dependability for our shoppers,” the report notes. “This means being proactive, preemptive and socially conscious beyond brand expression in order to earn the trust of our consumers and communicate authenticity no matter where they are in the journey.”

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