Mass Merchandisers

Mass Merchandising

Advantage’s mass merchandising channel team is comprised of cross-functional teams of headquarter, administration, marketing, and category management channel experts that are dedicated to this class of trade. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of services at mass merchandisers including Walmart, Target, and KMart, with deep retailer relationships across every level of the organization.​


Advantage's Walmart team headquarter sales and support model is sustained by cross-functional, vertically aligned sales and marketing associates. With the most expansive service portfolio in Bentonville, we are able to deliver strategic results that align with Walmart.

  • Our in-store events are characterized by integrated calendar planning for more relevant and strategic programs.
  • Advantage's Walmart team has a reputation for thought leadership, as evidenced by the positions our Team Leaders hold on Walmart's SPARC Executive Strategic Board, Supplier Advisory Board, and other high-profile boards within the Northwest Arkansas business community.
  • Advantage offers clients the ability to customize Walmart retail coverage to their specific needs. For continuity coverage, we have client-dedicated teams, a Walmart-focused syndicated team, and hybrid solutions. We also have supplemental, weekend, and project/audit teams, as well as SPARC-certified weekly coverage at Walmart and routing across all Sam’s Club locations.
  • Our Walmart reps execute with greater precision and bring new insights driven by a higher percentage of full-time merchandisers and innovative technology.​​​​​​
  • Advantage’s Technology division provides Retail Link services through the Atlas Technology Group. Atlas integrates directly with Walmart’s internal platforms and data sources to empower CPGs with the most comprehensive view of their product status and performance. The Atlas suite also leverages this information for more efficient in-store merchandising execution and optimized space planning.

Target, Kmart, ​Regional


Advantage's vertically aligned, dedicated team for the Target/Kmart channel includes a cross-functional team of headquarter, administration, marketing, and category management channel experts. Our strength in the Target/Kmart channel, and the difference we bring, is driven by our robust client portfolio and the breadth of customizable solutions we have in place.

  • The Advantage's Target retail team, is "Target Certified" and has the ability to impact both in-store and in-system corrections.
  • Advantage's Kmart category management team has been recognized for its planogram development capabilities, strategic process, and service-minded personnel. We have both project and continuity retail services available, and perform internal retail projects for Kmart.​​​​​​​​​​​