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The Power of Behavioral Analysis & The Consumer Identity Strategy
Discover in this white paper from AMP Agency how behavioral analysis can transform customer data into a consumer identity strategy:

  • See how brands are maximizing the value of every consumer interaction.
  • Learn how to build a better persona based on true consumer behaviors.
  • Find out how a data scientist helped a Major League Baseball
    players earn more than $100 million.
  • See how AMP Agency found under-served
    customer segments for a major fashion brand.

Adlucent 2018 Personalization vs. Privacy Study
Consumers today are becoming more aware of their digital data and demanding more transparency from brands around what data they’re collecting and how they’re using it. But while awareness has been heightened, this study from our search marketing experts at Adlucent uncovers that when it comes to data, many consumers still value personalization over privacy. More than ever, they expect brands to deliver relevant online experiences – and they’re willing to pony up some personal information to get it.

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