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Advantage Solutions was formed in 1987 on founder Sonny King’s vision of building a national sales and marketing agency focused on unparalleled service, customized solutions, and outstanding results. Today we are the leading sales and marketing agency in the industry with a workforce of over 40​,000 talented associates generating over $65B in sales.

Winni​ng Together

Our performance speaks for itself. Since our national alignment in 1997, Advantage has grown significantly, more than doubling our size. This success has fueled our vision of “Winning Together” with all of our associates, clients, customers, and shareholders. You feel the performance-driven spirit throughout the hallways of our offices and wherever we sit onsite with clients and customers. Driven by our mission, vision, and values, we are always willing to go that extra mile for our clients, and are never satisfied with delivering anything less than excellence. ​​​​​​​​


Advantage was formed in 1987 in Southern California. In the three-year period leading up to April 2000, 18 Tier 1 companies throughout North America joined Advantage, and our goal of becoming the leading sales and marketing agency serving the consumer packaged goods industry was achieved.

Our History
  • 1987 - 1997 MORE

    For 10 years, Advantage functions as an independent SMA in Southern California

  • 1997 - 2000 MORE

    1997 Advantage Solutions established as a national platform.

    1998 Expansion continues to the Midwest and Texas.

    1999 Formation of Diversified Channels Division.

    2000 Expansion completed to the remainder of the US.

  • 2000 - 2010 MORE

    2000 With the launch of ARTS, Advantage is the first SMA with handheld technology, setting a new standard for field visibility and in-store selling.

    2001 Launch of IN Marketing Services, a full-service shopper-centric promotions agency leveraging Advantage's data access and understanding of both customer and consumer.

    2002 DRT's and Impulse Teams established to offer focused retail services to clients.

    2004 SMARTeam launched to provide clients with a turnkey solution for insight procurement and analysis.

    2005 Advantage Order to Cash launched to eliminate duplicate efforts with clients in Order Processing, Deduction Management, and EDI services.

    2005 Acquisition of Superfridge platform gives Advantage an instant foothold in perishable promotional and merchandising programs.

    2005 Startup division formed (initially RMX, later known as "Advantage Merchandising Services") to provide merchandising services using daily reporting and a flexible workforce.

    2006 Acquisition of two marketing companies, TryFoods International (TFI) and Marketration, yields additional expertise in content development, publishing, and field events.

    2006 Acquisition of B.I.N Sales and Marketing strengthens Advantage's commitment to the Natural, Specialty, and Ethnic class of trade.

    2007 Advantage expands into Canada with the acquisition of CKN (Crombie Kennedy Nasmark Inc.).

    2007 Campaigners acquired, giving Advantage entry into the CE channel and expertise in assisted sales and product demonstrations.

    2008 Advantage deploys Sales Opportunity Explorer, the first component of its "Speed to Insight" analytics, insights​​ & intelligence software, to help business managers analyze and apply syndicated data in the selling process.

    2009 Integrated Marketing Services, Marketration, TFI, and Campaigners unite as IN Marketing Services, which immediately ascends to the top of the PROMO 100 rankings.

    2009 "Winning Together" mission, vision, and values established.

  • 2010 - Present MORE

    2010 Surpassing $1B in annual revenue, Advantage completes the "March to a Billion" quest launched by Sonny years earlier.

    2010 Advantage announces partnership with leading private equity group Apax Partners, offering global reach and a large network of relationships to drive value for Advantage.

    2010 Advantage unveils new strategic plan with focus on 5 Pillars: People, Culture, Creating Raving Fans of Clients and Customers, Operational Efficiency, and Growth.

    2011 Acquisition of Sarvis LLC gives Advantage 40 years of experience in the military channel across all commissary and exchange systems.

    2011 Advantage Waypoint LLC formed from the consolidation of nine companies to become first ever national foodservice broker.

    2012 Introduction of Causal Opportunity Explorer, a second component of Advantage's "Speed to Insight" software, to help Category Managers quickly analyze trade-promotion effectiveness and optimize distribution, pricing, and assortment.

    2012 Innovative tablet technology and PitchBook application is deployed to retail teams for more effective and efficient selling.

    2012 Solidifying its presence in the drug channel, Advantage selected by Walgreens as its exclusive partner for managing and executing in-store merchandising and events.

    2012 Advantage announces new executive leadership appointments. Tanya Domier becomes second CEO in Advantage history.

    2013 Advantage increases presence in the Fresh and Perishable Categories with the acquisition of three key regional brokerages specializing in the meat, deli, specialty cheese, seafood, frozen, and dairy arenas.

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