Natural / Specialty

Our Natural/Specialty platform is comprised of socially conscious and educated professionals who embody a natural lifestyle. Our 188 team members service over 135 clients, generating over $20M in revenue. ​​

Advantage’s experts in Natural/Specialty leverage the strength and scale of our overarching analytics, insights​​ & intelligence and retail technology to provide superior services in the Natural/Specialty class of trade. ​​

  • Advantage's fully aligned resource deployment structures enables a comprehensive suite of services in the Natural/Specialty channel, including customer relationships, information-driven scorecarding, trade show support and planning, category management and customer team data, and retail sales execution and resets.
  • Our 8 distinct customers teams allow us to sit closer to key Natural and Specialty retailers.
  • Advantage's Natural/Specialty retail force provides exclusive continuity coverage to Natural stores and is also responsible for Whole Foods "Fair Share" resets.​​​​